reto N 15 de CSI

And just because there were too many fantastic layouts in the gallery, here are a few more that caught our eye. 
Claudia's layout is so creative and full of sweet details. The photo of her son reading his first book was perfect for the palette. We absolutely love the letters spilling down the page and the vellum pocket holding her story. The use of birds to symbolize her message was a perfect touch, and we love how she's tucked a few little birds up at the top corner of her photo--such a sweet detail !!

This challenge colours are lovely,and the photo of my son reading his first book was perfect!
Evidence: Zig zag (in the stitching too)
Book pages
Something transparent (the pocket)
Testimony: I use a vellum pocket for my journaling and i write it like a chapter.
The tag say in Spanish: "Capitulo I LEER ES VOLAR
Volar con la imaginacion hacia lugares llenos de magia y aventura."Gaturro" fue tu primer vuelo solo. !Bravo Feli!
In Inglish . " Chapter 1 READING IS FLYING
Flying with one´s imagination to places full of magic and adventures."Gaturro" was your first lonely flight.Good four you Feli!!"
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Comment by Debbi Tehrani Such a great message in your story! Love the text background and the letter spilling down the page and the sweet vellum pocket with the birds and how you've got a crowd of them tucked behind the photo--such a sweet touch!
Comment by Shaunery 
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Wonderful capture and love this layout.  The letter cascade is excellent and everything pops against the dark back ground!!  Excellent!
Comment by Jenn Kennedy 
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I love that you captured this moment. Fantastic memory. Love your layout.
Comment by Anna-Karin 
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Fabulous layout and topic! Love that text background paper, I think I have that somewhere (7gypsies?). LOVE the sprinkle of letters on your page and the great design. TFS!
Comment by Eila Sandberg on Saturday
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Love how you have captured this very special memory and those letters are just wonderful! the birdies peeking out at the top are such a sweet detail too!
Comment by Helena Virpi 
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The random letters are really awesome. Lovely memory you have captured here.
Comment by Helen Wallace 
Delete Comment the little birds hopping around at the top and the random letters  :)
Comment by Rosa Daporta 
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I love everything about this layout. The most beautiful thing is that you captured this image of your son's first time reading a book. Love it!!! The layout is fantastic, love the pocket, the letters going through the picture, the tag!!!
Comment by Adrienne Ford 
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I like the letters you added to frame up the picture and journaling. Love that pocket for your journaling you created. So neat that it is front and center so you can see it easily next to the photo! Beautifully done!
Comment by Jenny Evans 
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Fabulous layout!! Love the letters and your vellum pocket!!

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